Prices are subject to change without notice.

Acrylic etching

The first one with minor designing - $30

Subsequent orders or requests along same lines as first - $25

Comes in your choice of white and black base, remote, usb cable (can be battery operated.)

Having one for each season and holidays is a great idea.

Wood Lasering

Since there are so many wood possibilities - coasters, chargers, signs, etc., this will be determined per request.

Wood lasering is only done from mid October to about mid April.

Tile Lasering

Depending on the price of the tile and amount of design time will ultimately determine the price.

Most of the simpler lasering - $25-$35

Coffee cups and coasters

Custom sublimated coffee cups - $7 per, $10 a pair

Coasters with your design - $10 per two

T-shirts - determine during request

Fridge magnets / key chains / dog tags (sublimation)

These come in a variety of sizes - 2 inch, 4 inch, etc.

Depending on the orders these will be priced at $2 for 2 inch and $4 for the 4 inch.

Key chains and dog tags price will depend on if you get one side or two sides sublimated.  $2 - one sided, $3 two sided